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A.I.I. Conference in Reno

Great presentations in Reno all weekend!  Thanks for today to Dominic Maricic & Greg Pyfrom for the tips on websites, software, and contract info.  Priceless!!

White out!

This has been an interesting week.  I have had to reschedule all my inspections into next week and our city is pretty much shut down.  We get a little bit of snow and pretty much everything comes to a screeching halt!  What a bunch of pansies we are. ;-)  The upside is that I am getting some work done on my website and blog.  Happy sledding!

Red tagged furnace still in use.

Inspected a house last week in Redmond, WA where the furnace had been red tagged earlier in the week and the occupant was still using the furnace.  The technician tagged the furnace and wrote on the service sticker that the heat exchanger was cracked and that was the reason for shutting down the unit.  the furnace was over 25 years old.

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